Friday, May 14, 2010

Who needs a stinking friends ? ( not me )

Hello everyone, I will be turning 52 in the next few weeks and I really have to give God all the glory for that, It is a accomplishment I never thought I would live to see or even talk about, AND as I write this I know I haven't made it there yet, just a few more weeks. I often said that I probably wouldn't make past 25 and I guess that if I would have kept hanging around with some I hung around with, not only would I probably  wound up in prison, but probably dead. I do know this without a doubt in my mind, That God had to be with me.

There was the time when a so called friend of mine (really not much of a friend really ) we were heading down to Leander Texas one night to see one of his girl friends and we left about 2 that afternoon and we really hadn't drank all that much maybe a six pack between use, which wasn't much since we could drink a case on our own a piece, plus at the time I was going to see my girlfriend at the time who was in the Temple High Band and i didn't want her friends to think she was going with a drunk, but that's enough of that, But knowing when God is with you and you've got a stupid friend who like to take not only his life into his hands but  yours also. jeezzzzzz what an idiot, he was and I myself.

Here we are going down I-35 south headed toward Georgetown and this nut case is weaving in and out of each lane out of control even caused a few cars to leave the road way, and then a little further down the stupid  road he's riding the tail end of an 18 wheeler, then to make things funner he trys to past the truck and winds up with 3/4 of the front end of the car under the trailer, on my side. Well need it be said we stopped in Georgetown at the local Texas stop sign ( dairy queen ) ordered a D Q dude and what happens before We even get to eat. A police man came into the place and begin asking who owned the baby crap green colored station wagon. Oh yeah the one you guessed it the one who ran folks off the road run up under the 18 wheeler on my side of the stinking car. Oh and we didn't go to jail, Thank God

Right there alone is 4 instances that God has been with me for a long long time.

Then there comes a time when you don't let bad friends meet your better friends because, well it just ain't good, I had a friend we called Smiley and if you were to ever see this guy you would know why. I still think at times he's my oldest daughters dad, She use to smile just like him until she got married and had 4 kids man that will take the smile off any ones face, but now back to the blog, Smiley had a 70 Chevy Malibu convertible man it was an awesome car, and lets just say it got wrecked, and we wont say who was driving at the time and leave it at that. Well he took the motor and tranny an put it in a 71 Malibu hardtop. never did run right but was still one awesome car.

Well this bad friend in which I had met Smiley., and Smiley being the better friend that he was let this bad friend borrow his car. bad bad choice. well 2 and a half weeks later he still hadn't got his car back. Well we begin to start looking for the car because the temple police said there was nothing they could do because he loaned him or let him take his car, well after about another week of looking for the car, one night out of the blue, we spotted the bad friend with one of his badder friends getting out of a car, across from thee VA hospital, and we begin to follow them asking were the car was and the bad friend would say anything at the time, well the badder friend I guess friend gets pissed i guess and pulls a 22 or 38 out of his pants and sticks it between my eyes, was it loaded hell if I knew I just lucky he didn't pull the trigger. We found the car, they had taking it ti Miller spring and was mudding and jumping hills.

Now there are 5 instances that God has been with me a long time.

You know, If you ever in your life really ever need a friend, one that won't wrong you, Choose Jesus for he is a friend that sticketh closer than a Brother . Also Jesus said put not your trust in man, B ut put your trust in him that will and will always be there.

There are many many other thing I could go into, about God being with me along time, but I have been truly blessed, Had not God been with me throughout my child hood I probably wouldn't be here today. All the physical mental and emotional, and other abuse we went through. Its a amazing. But he did give me a few good friends to help me make it and become a not great person but a halfway decent person. Thanks Job,Darrell, Jeff, Joey, and the rest, Jesse. May God bless you all. Amen.

Who need worldly friends not Me.
Until next time  
Shalom and pray for the peace of Jerusalem

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