Thursday, May 20, 2010


I have often wondered in my life how many people, can't/don't believe in a God that is so real. If I am not mistaken doesn't ( Hebrews 11 verse 1 say that Now faith is the substance of things hoped for , the evidence of things not seen.) You know so many times we sit back and listen to people who often say that there is no God, if there were, things wouldn't be happening the way they are. WELL wake up world, that right there ought to tell you there is a Living God in heaven, and even though you cannot see him with the mortal EYE yes, He is there. Oh and by the way if there be any out there who will happen upon this and read it, You didn't crawl up out of the sea, and you surely didn't come from any Ape, Monkey, or baboon. My Bible tells me in the Book of Genesis the 1st and  2nd chapters that God made Two different sets of people. First a created people and in the  2nd chapter a formed people, and BEFORE doing that he looked at his Son Jesus, and said these very literal words, "LET US MAKE MAN IN OUR OWN IMAGE."

So now choose what you want, I choose to trust and believe in the Word of GOD. Did any of you ever realize that Darwin was a man, made the same way we were, from the dust of the earth. And have you all not realized by now that Scientist for hundreds of years now have tried to figure GOD out and haven't even come close. Did you know that is why they sent the Hubble telescope into orbit? To see if they could find heaven and SEE GOD. Friends, no man has ever seen GOD face to face and lived to tell it. GOD is so powerful. Do you remember reading about the tabernacle in the wilderness, and the Ark of the covenant, and the Holy of Holies? That is where the Power of God abode within. Have you not read about how many people died, just trying to touch the Ark, if you weren't the High Priest you best have left it alone.

Sure Moses when up on Mt. Sinai, saw the hinder side of God, but just seeing that part of God was so powerful, that the Glory of God was so powerful, Moses had to wear a veil upon his face. Now that we've said all that let's get to the part we started to write about in the fist place lol. TRUST

So many times we have seen the hand of God work in mighty ways, and I will be the first to say, to see the things God has done and will do is beyond the word awesome. Going through life can sometimes be pretty rough, and I'm not going to lie to you, and say living for God is easy, its not. Because trusting in someone such as Jesus is never easy because there's a price we all try and repay and he asks for nothing more than we serve Him with our whole body mind and soul. Well you will say to yourself before you finish reading this, that that's asking quite a bit .Some will say well I am and will never be worthy enough to serve God, well lets let God be the judge of that one ok. Trust

After all GOD has done for me just myself in the past 2 years I still have trouble at times trusting Him. I do know if it hadn't been for him I wouldn't be. And after 22 years of preaching you would think after all those years Trust would be one of my strong points . Well what can I say. I guess I wrote all this to get to this here. ( Remember when God sent Moses down to Eygqt to get his children and to bring then out and take them to the Promise land? well so many times before they ever got to the Red Sea they was some of the most cryingest, whiningest, complainingest, ungrateful bunch of people you could even imagine. Heck if you don't believe me read the Bible it is truth, and you will see what I'm saying is true. (Exodus 14 verse 13- Moses said unto the people, Fear ye not, stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord, which he will shew or show you this day. for the Eygqtians you see this day you WILL-WILL not see them again and for ever.

Friends I'm not perfect and today I found myself in a bad way, not that every day I'm not in a bad way. But I began to worry about certain things and wondering about this and that, and all the time I was saying, "God will make a way. God will make a way".  Then I began to let things get to me, AND THEN after I realized something I've known for years, that worry can't add an inch to a persons height, then  GOD began to work things out. I was upset about something that was supposed to be done 2 days ago and wasn't and then I find out my air conditioning in my apartment wasn't working and I got grandkids hopefully coming in 2 weeks, and yes I got angry, and I sinned, then repented. WELL, the thing that was to happen 2 days ago happened and they came to work on my air and it will be fixed in the morning.  Praise GOD.

BUT the same words that Moses said to the children of Israel, that if I would shut up long enough to let God do what he says he'll do for me and his people, then and only then will things work out. TRUST

We can trust in God, or we can tie his hand to where he can't work. From this day forward, I will stand still and see the Salvation of the Lord . I put myself where I am today and he will see me through it. I will shut my mouth and never see again the things that happened to happen again. Thank you God so so much.
Trust such a small 5 letter word with such a powerful meaning.

Til next time Shaloam and pray for the peace of Jerusalem

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