Thursday, May 20, 2010

Will a man rob GOD

I know what a lot will think by just reading that text, and yes it does say in the Bible that if you do not pay tithes and bring offerings to the store house you are robbing GOD,  that His work can't be carried on. But robbing God goes a whole lot deeper that money. THERE  are just as many other ways of robbing God than that. I have often talked about my 22 years of preaching the Gospel, and I guess I need to pipe that down because that's not what I'm here to blog about tonight.
I found Jesus as my Lord when I was in my teens, even though being a teen with no support at home made it difficult to stay a Christian. So as things went I backslid for a few years but one thing that never left me was the feeling I had every service I did attend, (even though I was of the Baptist faith at the time), it was the feeling of chill's covering my arms and running down my back and over my body. It wasn't until a few years later that GOD would show me exactly what it was. I do not know if the Baptist have changed any at all, I haven't been back so I really can't say, but back then, you didn't raise your hands, you didn't praise the Lord, or even hear an amen as the preacher brought forth the word of GOD.
I guess they believe in the Spirit of GOD they just don't let it manifest itself as it did on the day of Pentecost. And I have been to a Catholic Church and I will not go into any details or say anything about them that might offend anyone, even though the Church world, or let me retract that and say most, think all Catholics are going to hell. Sorry folks not so, There will probably be more of them going into the Kingdom of God than any other denomination, but again this blog is about.
Will a man ROB GOD.
 Every morning when we awake to the precious breath of life we have something to be thankful for, because we could have been one of the thousands who didn't wake up at all. It wasn't until I begin to attend a Pentecostal- Full Gospel- Non Denominational Church that God revealed to me what all the chills were all about. Some call them the Holy Ghost bumps, I call them the Power of GOD. As I sat on the very last seat in the very last row, the preacher called a prayer line. I was feeling the bumps, and laughing within myself as people were slain in the Spirit, then a still quite voice within me said , "why are you laughing? Try it you might like it".  As I waited my turn in line with no prayer request, the preachers hand stopped about 6 inches from my head and whoosh, my feet left me and I hit the floor and my head hit the bench, and I felt not a thing. That is when I knew within myself that, MY GOD is real.
Will a man rob God.
Friends all through out the Bible in one place or the other we see where people did one thing and that was to give GOD the praise and honor He was owed. Today in Churches all around the United States it is hard to find one single church that will praise and worship God accordingly. King David, it says in Psalms, danced before the Lord a holy dance and the people sang praise to the most High GOD. Heck David says in the last 6 or 7 verses of Psalms to praise ye the Lord, Everything that hath breath praise ye the Lord, let the earth rejoice, trees sing, the mountains, birds, animals all praise God.
How about in Acts the 2nd chapter when they did what was told of them and gathered together in an upper room til they be subdued from on High. My Bible tells me that they were in one mind and accord. Brothers and sisters, there's a song that John Starnes sings that I believe tells the story about the day of Pentecost, "You never seen such SHOUTING going on"
Will a man rob GOD.
The Bible tells us that every time we enter into the Sanctuary of God, we shoud enter into His gates with thanksgiving in our hearts and enter His courts with praise. Friends, did you know that in heaven the angels sing praise and worship to GOD the Creator 24/7, continually? Did you know that the Bible says that if we hold our peace and not praise God that He would cause the Rocks and Stones to praise Him? You know the Church world wants something of GOD daily. And GOD being the truthful GOD He is, gives and gives and gives, then we as His so called children, ROB him over and over, again and again.
Will a man rob GOD?
Friends if you happen to read this and head to the house of worship this Friday night, Saturday or Sunday. REMEMBER you owe GOD. Now the question is will you continue to ROB GOD. You'll probably say well I don't feel nothing, remember this also folks, you get out of it what you put into it.

Will a man rob GOD.

Til next time
Shaloam and pray for the peace of jerusalem

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