Friday, May 21, 2010

I ain't quite there yet ( but I will be ) pray for those in need !

Morning all. I would like to take this time to thank all who have prayed for me, and continue to, even when I have ask them not to. I know to those who do pray it sounds selfish. but sorry that just the way I feel. no not selfish, just pray for those who are in need. God is taking care of me as we speak. I sit here at times and wonder what are they praying and asking God to do to me and I can almost answer that question , I'm pretty sure I know what 2 of them are doing. This morning I would like to try and blog about. I ain't quite there yet! ( but I will be )
As some of you that have ever read any of my blogs knows that I suffer from - uni polar another form of being Bi-polar, anxiety, depression, social anxiety disorder and a few other thing I wont mention in this blog because they are different subjects. I myself believe that all of us who suffer from any of these disorders are in as bad of shape, and I believe that they rate right up there as being as bad a  heart attack, strokes, heart disease, high blood pressure and so on and on. Anyone who has never suffered from depression or the others mentioned above has never woke up in the morning too it. As the Lady in the one commercal that say its like I have to wind myself up in the morning, just to get going. Well Folks for all you who have never suffered it before you rag someone who does or put down someone who does. Just watch that person.

Uni-polar,Bi-polar depression, anxiety is not an act. Those who suffer from it has to most days live behind a mask. Making everyone think that everything is going smooth and their in control, When really deep down in side all we really want to do is find a rock most days and hide and never want to come out.
All these different diseases affect people differently, some suffer through mild depression to severe depression. I believe it is easier to treat mild depression than it is severe for the reasons that, those who suffer severe depression hang on to it much longer than those who suffer mildly. I have suffered from all theses  for many years and really never knew what I was going through until I was diagnoses as to having them. I know what some of you are thinking waa waa poor pitiful him. Hey laugh at me that's fine but there are millions of people who suffer the same thing. And there are millions how die every years by not knowing what is going on inside them. Its called suicide. Yes suicide 
In most cases Different Doctors or phsyco Doctor tend to agree and disagree with weather Bi-polar and depression is Hereditary. well humm out of the 10 articles I have read on the subjest, 7 said it is and 3 said it was'nt. Friends finding the right medication's to treat the problems is a guessing game. I have been on several different medications and some help for a while and some either didn't work for me at all or made it even worse. Out of the 3 doctors who said that it wasn't hereditary. said that if those who suffered from the disease's would live a stress free life, eat a complete healthy diet, an get a good nights sleep, 8 to10 hours a night. then. that in some way would take care of most, (Get it most of the problem's. )

I would like to insert a couple of articles into this blog from some other folks who suffer.Even so, when a parent who is bipolar sees the disease manifest itself in a child, statistics don’t seem to matter anymore. It just feels as if the disease is simply hereditary.
Stacey Galka, 38, of Denver, is a single mom who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder when she was 26. At that point, her daughter was already 5 years old. Stacey says her own diagnosis was a relief because it helped her to make sense of why her life had always been so chaotic, but when her daughter was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at age 13, Stacey had trouble accepting it. “In all honesty, if I had known then what I know now, I would have never had a kid,” she says. “It was difficult enough for me to go through what I did."
Is bipolar disorder hereditary? Yes, bipolar disorder runs in families; it is the most genetic major psychiatric condition. It is more genetic than schizophrenia and major depression. If you have a parent or sibling with bipolar disorder, then there is a 10-15% likelihood that you will develop it. If you have a second-degree relative like a grandparent or aunt, then the likelihood is half that amount (5-10%).Bipolar disorder is vastly underdiagnosed. On average, it takes 20 years or until a person is almost 40 years of age, before bipolar disorder is diagnosed. Dr. Ghaemi explains that Bipolar disorder is overlooked for many reasons. Most people have a classic picture of a euphoric person as being manic. However two-thirds of manic episodes are not elated, but an irritable or depressed mood. To complicate matters, half of all people with bipolar disorder have lack of insight, so they do not even realize they are ill.
How does depression present in bipolar patients? Bipolar depression can look different in some ways from unipolar (major) depression. Symptoms that are more common in bipolar patients than in unipolar depression include:
Brief depressions. In bipolar depression, the average length is three to six months, but in unipolar depression it is six to twelve months. Some depressions are only 2 to 3 weeks in length. The shorter the depression, the more likely it is to be bipolar.
Atypical depression. You may sleep more and eat more as opposed to typical depressions where patients sleep less and eat less.
Psychotic depression. You have delusions or paranoid delusions. Or, you hear voices or see things. Psychotic depression is more common in bipolar disorder.
Post partum depression. Compared to unipolar depression, post partum depression is more common in bipolar disorder.
Recurrent depression. The more episodes of depression you have, the more likely you are to be bipolar rather than unipolar. More than 95% of bipolar patients have recurrent episodes, versus unipolar patients, of which only two-thirds have recurrent episodes.
Antidepressant effects. If you've had multiple trials of antidepressants and they don't work, you could have bipolar disorder. If you experience mania or hypomania while on an antidepressant, you usually have bipolar disorder. If you get better on an antidepressant, but then relapse into recurrent depressions, you may have bipolar disorder So see the definitions and diagnoses of the deseases vary from one to another. Friends I ain't quite there yet ( but I will be ) .
Friends as we all do who suffer from these deseases, we have our good days and bad days. And by saying some of the things in this blog, I hope to not offend any. But spend your time praying for those who are in real need. and that most important need is finding Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. And making it not into the Kingdom of heaven as they think their headed. But pray that they make it into The Kingdom of GOD that will be set up upon this earth at GODS appointed time. That is the real need to be praying for. Not selfishly for me.
I would like to thank Stacy in Denver and also Dr Ghaemi for posting their articles for all to read. Thank you two very much.
Til next time Shaloam and pray for the Peace of Jerusalem

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