Friday, May 28, 2010

Whats love got to do with it.

I have for the past few days been searching everywhere for exactly what does the word LOVE mean, I have look at what the world would say LOVE means, and I have looked at the Biblical definition of LOVE . And it makes no sense to me, and I am suppose to have a 3 and half year equivalency of college in comprehension. And if anyone out there can explain what it truly means maybe I can grasp it. It seems that the are different meanings of love. But I do believe there is a difference between, Love, infatuation, and lust. Love I guess is a love so deep that you are willing to lay down for family, kids,friends. then I guess infatuation is where you just have to have something or someone then when the new wears off you don't want it or them anymore. and then there's lust.
You see each one of these deals with one word love. weather we see it that way or not. Love for family is what is called unconditional love I think, Then infatuation is where you want something or someone to keep someone else from having it. Then I guess lust means wanting and getting it when ever you want or can. So what does love have to do with anything. as I can see nothing.
One thing that I will always remember is that my momma told me was to respect women. But she never said to love them. really don't seem to make sense but that's what she said. But how would you expect for her to say such a thing, when you live for seventeen years of your life and never hear the LOVE word not one time that I can remember and I have been told that I don't want to remember. Which is wrong. You know what as I sit here and write this blog, I can't remember anyone including my Grand parents even saying they loved anyone not even each other. I guess there was no love in our household. So how do you learn to love when you were never taught to love.
To be honest with you Love is way overrated. There's  only two people who can LOVE  the way LOVE was meant to be. GOD and HIS SON JESUS CHRIST. YOU can curse GOD scream and holler throw a temper tantrum use his name in vain and They will forgive you and love you. with exceptions of Blasphemy of the HOLY SPIRIT. So when a person tells another that they love you with all their hearts run. because its really not love. So whats love got to do with anything nothing.
Maybe one day I will find out and hopefully before its to late to really find out what love means and what it is about So if anyone was the rightful answer to this let me know.

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