Friday, May 28, 2010

Though I walk threw the valley! Psalms 23 v1

As I start this blog, I don't know how many of you even read any of my blogs. But I have come to see and realize that when using social site when you go to post something ,on any of them especially Face book, if your going to post make darn sure you know what you going to say before, you write.
What I was going to type and write  was. In a land and time many many years ago there were two Kingdoms  Judea to the north and Israel to the south. The children of Israel got to the point where they wanted a king like all the other heathen nations around them had. So GOD gave them what they wanted as He always had, weather it was good and right for them or not. But he told them that the King would be a burdensome King. So He gave them Saul. he did as GOD said he would and worse.He turned from GOD. made all of Israel to suffer. But there was a young man, who would become the Future King of Israel, a man after Gods own heart. David, yes this same David who slew a bear with his hands,yes this the same David that slew Goliath the philistine. yes the same David who sent a man to his death so he could have his wife.  yes this same little David who play the harp for the King he would replace as KING. yes this same David that the KING SAUL would become jealous of and would seek to kill numerous times.
What I was attempting to convey was the first lines of what David said in Psalms 23; when He wrote;- ( Though I walk threw the valley of the shadow of death,I will fear not evil. ). David from a very early age was chosen of God to be King over all of Israel. North and South combined and it did happen.just read 1st and 2 nd Samuel . David went through so much ,so much that none or a lot of people will never go through. Being chosen of God is not the easiest thing to be because no matter what it seems that there's a target on your back at all time, and I believe David knew that from the beginning. Weather God had or has called you from the womb, It's not only bad that we are born into sin but it's like a double jeopardy to be called from the womb, it you can understand that concept. Though i walk threw the valley of death~!
I believe that David knew from a early age as I started to state early that there wouldn't be a day that His live could be taken from him. He knew there would be struggles in life. But you know what, in all of this He knew that He had the one person on his side, weather he lived that day or died. He had The One Living God on his side, WHY? because of the promises God had made Him. that He would be His GOD.
Its was my mistake the other night on Face book to not clearly explain myself. no matter how many people cares for Me. All we really need is God. What i said and what was suppose to come out was two different things. What I meant to say that night was this. I am 51 going on 52. I was and still am a Minister of the Gospel of the Kingdom of God weather I ever preach again, no I am not being arrogant. But as the Bible speaks, I have made sure my calling, Yes without a shadow of any doubt I believe and know that God called Me from an early age also, even though it was not manifested til I was 21 or 22 years old. Do I still  believe God is with me. Well I would be stupid if I though He wasn't. He said in his word that He would be my God no matter what with the exception of Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. Has He God ever left me NO even though I've walked away a couple of times, Has he been there waiting on Me with open arms YES, The Bible tells me He was and Is.
All I was saying was don't call 911, is because I know where my walk with God is, and were we are headed. Friend, family, kids.I want you all to understand I thing. God is My God he is a living, breathing, walking, talking, all knowing,seeing, and powerful God. He for just me alone has done so much to prove to me that he is My God even though I have really never proved anything to him, He has answered me when I was not worthy of an answer. He has opened up the windows of Heaven for me even when I was not worthy. He has Blessed me every morning for the past 51 years and hope He blesses me with another 51 years of the precious breath of life IF He should tarry His Sons second coming. Everyday I ask God for forgiveness for everything I have done wrong and to forgive me those things that I can't remember that I have done . Wrong.
So see  That is why I said though I walk through the valley of death . I have no fear. For God is my God and he watches over me. My comment had nothing to do with suicide! period

Though  I walk through the valley of Death ,I will fear no evil.

Thank and til I do or say something stupid again.
Shalom  and Pray for the peace of Jerusalem

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