Wednesday, April 1, 2009

GOD is not

I have to answer a question brought before me concerning why things happens. A lot of people can't understand why marriages end. A lot of people wonder why GOD lets these things happen, well first of all one must come to grip with reality. GOD is not to blame, it is so easy for one to blame GOD for everything which is wrong. I wrote in my last blog that GOD gave man a brain to choose right from wrong. It takes two to make a marriage work, but, we fight against another power, (spirit), the devil, and it is so easy to blame him for everything also, and every time we give him credit for anything it is just giving him more power over us and our lives.

1Corinthians's 14:33 says this, "For GOD is not the author of chaos (confusion) but of peace, in all the churches of the saints". We can look at this in two ways, A church is -One of the groups of Christians who have their own beliefs and forms of worship. It plainly says a group of Christians, meaning friends, we are the church. Our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost.

1 Corinthians 6:19-"know ye not that ye are the temple of the Holy Ghost which is not yours but GOD's". It is hard for some to believe that even though we make up the church and that we are filled with the Holy ghost, that we can fall from grace but we can. We are nothing but mere humans made from the dirt of the earth. What we do with these beings that we are, is our fault, our choice, we have a choice to serve God or not to serve Him, and live our life accordingly. If we mess up our families, our lives and/or our marriages it's our own fault.

GOD does not cause marriage to split or break up. Some things happen that can be explained, but people refuse to understand. Especially when it comes to the younger kids in the marriage. Then you try and explain and they wont believe, because there seems to be a good parent and bad parent in every marriage when they split. They can only see one side, when there are two sides to everything. In most cases who ever the kids end up living with is who they side with. There is a tendency for at least one of the parents to talk and point out the bad things about the other parent, it happens in just about all breakups, and the kids see only one side and refuse to see both sides of the matter. Again I say GOD does not cause marriages or cause families to break up. People (husbands and/or wives (humans)) cause families to split. If we were to say we were never a christian, a preacher, pastor and everything we did was a farce, would that make things right enough, to be forgiven our down falling? No it wouldn't.
Again I say, things happen for a reason, and I believe that to some point. The reason is we are given choices to choose what we do and only we are to blame for those choices. There's not much more I can say on this matter, and I probably didn't make my point, but I'm trying to say, GOD is not the blame.


Shalom and Peace to Israel

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  1. Well, I personally don't believe in GOD. I believe in a creator, but not as you do. I believe that marriages end because people don't know how to communicate. My husband and are the best of friends and I can honestly say, we Never fight. We don't live a Godly life anymore and we are very happy, financially set and the happiest we have ever been. We are kind,loving,& caring people. I love to help people with my experience and knowledge. I love my family and would do anything for them.
    Your right, Humans are the ones to blame. Humans need to take accountability for their own actions and stop blaming anyone or thing but themselves.
    If more couples would just communicate and treat other people with respect, take the hate and anger out of their hearts, more couples would stay together. Or if they would take the time to get to know each other first, to see if they are compatible. It would really help things a lot.
    Without Communication....There is No Relation!