Thursday, July 8, 2010

To God be the Glory

Hello again my friends, I hope that this finds all doing well. Hope God has blessed each and everyone of you. My hope is the Lord has and will open the doors of Heaven and pour out more blessings that you all can handle,We came to this text as we were sitting here listening to The Gospel Hiway Internet radio. I guess beside Jesus in the Bible my favorite people are Paul and King David. We are often times during the day reminded just how great God is. Not just by waking in the morning to a new day, or the precious breath of life. but also the beauty he bestows upon us everyday.
It is my belief that we should in some way some how every minute of the Let Gods name roll off our lips and out of our mouths. Some would say why should I call or even speak His name. well #1 your alive aren't ya, and some would probably say, But I don't want to be here. Well ain't nothing really anything you can do about it till its your time to go, so why not enjoy it ? In everything we do we should give Him ( God ) the glory. King David a man after Gods own heart set an example for us. rather a good example if I should say also.
Yes the same David who was in no wise  perfect but the same a man after Gods own heart. Sure he did things that weren't right. Like sending a man out to the front lines of battle to die, so he could have his wife. and yes it almost destroyed him. But just as Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord so did David and if they can we also can find grace. My Bible teaches me that there is but sin that wont be forgiven. and the is Blasphemy  of the Holy  Spirit. So see that day that Jesus was hung of the Cross he open the door to grace for all. Doesn't matter if your Red Yellow Black or  White, Asian or any other race. You can be forgiven.But in all things we do To God be all the Glory.
I made a decision about a week ago not to ever call upon His mighty name anymore. But then not even 5 minutes later I found myself calling upon his name. God has been such a vital part of my life for so long I really have no other to call on. Who has been there for me. In my childhood if it had been for Jesus, I truly believe I wouldn't be here typing today.David said all throughout the book of Psalms that God is great and greatly to be praised, and that is a Good saying. Let all give praise honor and glory to the most high God. Friend look around today, and see all the splendor of  God and Him and all His Glory and beauty. To  God be all the Glory.

Shalom and pray for the peace of Jerusalem
Till next time  jesseb

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